Clowns helping elderly to feel young again

Castelo de Vide, Portugal

Frown Busters:
When you come into town, and find some with frowns.

Who are you going to call?

The Frown Busters! It’s one of the many things Clowns can do.

These clowns with their love and energy can turn any frown, into a grin. Enjoy as they enjoy, bringing joy to others, from residents to staff, at Fundacao Nossa Senhora da Esperanca, Castelo de Vide.

In the end, they are rewarded by local restaurateur Jose Manuel Ramilo Pires, Don Pedro Quinte, Castelo de Vide, and staff with a meal that brings Clowns Sofia Mestre (Portugal), Sue Proctor (Canada) and Serena Vergari (Italy) added pleasure.

A special Obrigado, to the restaurant worker who chased me down, to return my forgotten camera. Without his actions this story would not have been possible.

Bolina – Festival Internacional de Palhaças

Sofia Mestre

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