Class Clowns

Class Clowns, Seriously: Clowns have a variety of class; they are classical in that they have been part of societies from before the time of written history. They are class acts, as they entertain young and old, rich and poor, and anyone else who desires a laugh. To do this they even have class, some classes are open and some are closed, for even with clowns there are clown secrets to be kept. On this day, I was able to join in a clown class, and take photos from the outside looking in on another. As for these classes, every one is a class clown, and rewarded not scolded for expressing themselves in a way that brings smiles, and emotions to others. Now for some serious clowning…….as for my work I am learning on the LAIGo (pronounced Lego) system, I am Learning As I Go, please bare with my movie and gif work as I learn,

The class shown in the video is a class titled Street Clowns, taught by Fran Marinho of Brazil….the other class depicted is a Clown secret.