Clown’s adapt to conditions

Women Work Wonders, Whatever the Weather

One rainy day, two performers, performing separate outside performances and one production assistant, found themselves in a one-ring circus.

Upon arrival at their place to perform, they found the outdoor option, not an option. And the alternative indoor option, did not know they were the option.

The performances needed to be changed from outdoor to indoor, and the two adaptable ladies, merged their performances into one.

With the arrival of the audience, they were engaged with the two performers from beginning to end. Quite impressive for me as a spectator, with camera to watch, as they razzeled and dazzled, the audience, entertaining audience young and old, and even empowering two young ladies.

Pina Pular of Poland, Espuma Bruma of Argentina, with the help of Production Assistant, David Duran of Malaga, Spain, achieved great results on a challenging day.

When we left the Cine-Teatro Mousinho de Silveira, we once again were hosted by local restaurateur Jose Manuel Ramilo Pires, Don Pedro Quinte, Castelo de Vide, Tiago Melo Bento Joanna Sova

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