The road to enlightenment less then 200 m/yds, but 30 plus years in the finding

November 16, 2016 · Lumbini, Nepal

Enlightenment: I find myself in Nepal, at the birthplace of Buddha, where a group of followers reflect with the shrine surrounding Buddha’s birthplace. The Bodhi tree which is but 100 feet/ 30 meters from his place of birth but took him 30+ years to find enlightenment beneath, is surrounded by Buddhist monks who have spent a lifetime, trying to reach the same place as Buddha, whilst a young lady postures with a cell phone, as if, she can dial it in.

It is interesting to me that we can spend a lifetime search for enlightenment, and never be; and for Buddha to find it so close to home, as if it was always there to be found, but could not be seen, until his time and soul were ready.

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