Road to the Himalayas, swinging on the edge

November 18, 2016 at Himalayas, Nepal

Entertained by someone else’s self entertainment.

Nowhere fast, was the theme for the day, as we left Chitwan, Nepal and headed for Pokhara, Nepal and the Himalayas. The trip was hindered by road construction and mishaps. Causing a serpentine backup of trucks of every kind and color.

At one point we came up along a boy entertaining himself on a swing; who, as we sat still, moved to and fro, covering much more distance than us in the same time, but like us found himself no further ahead than when he had started. With the difference he enjoyed his time returning to the same place, as we enjoyed watching him do so, we would have preferred to be going forward.

Leaving him behind above his orange tarped home, eventually saw the Himalaya’s as the sun was setting upon them.

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