Roof top dinner with a woman not met

November 6, 2016 · India

I shared part of a night with a woman I did not meet.

Spontaneous Roof Top Dinner Show:

Having gone to the roof top of my hotel to catch yet another sunset, I found it to be elusive, with building and tree in the way. Not so elusive was a young woman cooking on the rooftop, in a city of 4 million who use their rooftops as warm weather living rooms and playgrounds and kitchens. This night the young woman was cooking as the boys were flying kites and others relaxing.

She waved to me from afar (about 100 meters) encouraging me to photograph her culinary ritual. Lighting a candle, she made a prayer for her dinner and continued to cook. When others started to set off fireworks, she motioned to me, as she and her friends put on a show for me to see.

Life continues to intrigue, some would hide from cameras, others not take notice but on this night when sun had hid, this young lady provide me a dawns ending night to remember. Kindness in al forms, even from afar, adds a lilt to my life.

Enjoy the pictures of roof top life, a hide and go seek Sun and a moon not yet full.

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