Experiencing New Delhi, kneading bread for the needy.

November 4, 2016 · India

Gandhi’s flame burns eternally as I Sikh to grind .

With my three weeks of R&R to repair damage to body, repair travel items, organize the last leg of the trip plus overtime, and get caught up with my stories; I decided to Sikh out what New Delhi had on offer, fining Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Sikh and other influences.

I visit the eternally burning flame of Mahatma Gandhi’s Tomb who sought peace for all souls.

When visiting a Sikh temple that serves meals to 30.000 people a day of all of life’s strata, I found myself assisting with the rolling or bread dough for the days meal. The 30 or so I rolled was less than one tenth of one percent of the day’s need. It was nice to be able to assist nonetheless.
A day’s disappointment was air quality which was worsened by the Diwali fireworks, which is India’s fireworks response to America’s 4th of July and the World’s New Years times 10; with fireworks being exploded 24/7 for over a week, with the crescendo on Diwali’s night.

With it difficult to see the buildings through the smoke, the people with their colorful clothes of many cultures stood out in my camera this day. Thank you to Sam Singh, MarieFelicia-Ramalingam Kutti Ramalingam, Patsy Moustache, Tannie Baig, and Murad Baig for helping make my stay in Delhi a memorable one.

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