A movie night in India, a wonderful experience

November 6, 2016 · India

What better place for a cultural experience than the local movie house. The Raj Mandir in Jaipur, India. Any feeling I had this experience would be similar to others, was allayed when I found myself in the men’s line, separated from the women’s line by three sets of steel bars. That being the start of quite interesting evening.

Once in the theatre, it was of exquisite design with traditional western and Indian snack foods. The energy was marvelous, people seemed genuinely excited to be at the movies, with selfies being taken while wearing the finest in textiles and fashion.

I have included a variety of pictures to capture the look, but the mood and sound and vive, needs to be described.

At first I was concerned with the level of conversation and noise, but fortunately it abated, with the start of the movie. Once the movie started to no surprise there was a cheer. And then the music and opening credits played to a quite theatre, until the star actor/director came onto screen and noise of joy and lust by some was heard, (a handsome lead man he is). From there the movie played with some approporiate audience participation noise. It was fun to see everyone engaged, in a sympatic manner, with the film as it played.

All I can say is the evening was AWESOME! even if I could not understand Hindi, the acting in this hero thriller, and the way it was filmed and directed, words were not needed to convey the emotion and story, shared in 3 hours plus intermission.

These are the types of experience that make he experience of traveling a joy for me.

Photo of me in front of theatre was taken by Vijay Chandel Shukria (sp?)

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