From Schools to hospital / Natural Hospital

December 5, 2018 · India

Jodhpur, India

From Schools to hospital, I did go. For here in India their medical system continues to provide both modern and traditional medicine for the care of its people. In Jodhpur the school of Homeopathy is in the same campus as the medical school and the hospital is an Aruyved one practicing treatment with natural medications, massage and other hands on therapies, mixed with ointments and oils to ease the pain and suffering of mind, body and soul in life. Located near the opening of a mountain, the treatments are open to those who desire the spirit of healing. The hospital even offers a 30-day course for people interested in learning to treat others, in their own countries.

I appreciated the Director and his staff’s willingness to show Beerma and I around, so I could share with others, what is on offer for one’s health in India. As we toured the hospital it was nice to see familiar faces, Beerma’s father-in-law and sister-in-law, who were making using of the treatments on offer.

And for my friends who have an interest in these ways, I share the Facebook website for this facility.


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