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December 5, 2018 India

Jodhpur, India

The siren is heard, all must move out of the way as life is at stake. Here in India, life is precious. When it comes to health care, there is no need to worry about pre-existing conditions, because here as long as you exist, you get aid, no matter what type of creature you are. For this hospital caters for the non-human animals. Including and not limited to: Cows, Deer, Tortoise, Rabbit, Hedgehog, Goat, Birds (of all kinds) and any other animal that may need the care of a fully equipped hospital.

There Is no discrimination at Krishan Gopal Animal Hospital in Jodhpur India, based on specie, gender, age or physical or mental capabilities. Yet the pigeons are separated by black, white and colorful. And a separate ward for Nil Gay a Blue Cow.

In this emergency case a cow has an eye injury, and is brought in for emergency treatment, while others are amputees, cancer suffers, injured by road or ill-tempered hand. All are cared for no matter their circumstances.

Doctors provide surgery, medication and care. As others provide food, and comfort including comforters at night to keep their patients warm. Life is precious in this society, and life means all life no matter the stature or specie. Life from conception to last breath, to replenishing the soil to nurture new life.

As with many hospitals’ visitors come, volunteers give time freely, and donations are made adding to the breadth of the facilities efforts and additional breaths of life to the patients cared for. As now there are two animal hospitals in this care network, with more to come and time and finances permit.

Manesh takes us on a tour of this humane facility for animals.

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