School day and field trip

December 4, 2018 · India

Jodhpur, India

Back to School

After a long day, I thought I was dreaming of my school days as I heard in my head One, two buckle my shoes, three four shut the door, then putting on my internal snooze alarm to be awoken to counting to 100 in the court yard below my window by school children at the Shishu playschool.

It was to be a dramatic school day for me, that ended with finding my direction. Once fully awake, we saw off my host (Beerma Bishnoi) son’s to school, as we headed to visit local schools to find two child actresses for a video movie, Beerma is wanting to make to share the history of the Bishnoi Society’s efforts of the protection of all life.

There, as in my old school days, I found myself in the Principals office. Where we met with the drama teacher. As Beerma discussed theatrical needs, I took photos at the Kisan Farmers Girls School, where they were doing health checks on the students, which included height and weight measuring, eye exams etc. I stepped in for a height check, but apparently did not measure up to the school’s standard, being gender and age impaired.

Once Beerma finished Principal and Dramatic discussions, we went off to the city to get a camera repaired and check out the local market.

Finishing the day at the Umed Bhawan Palace Lake and watching birds and Sun settle in for the night. Only then realizing we had no way back, until 45 Geography students and their professor assured us, they could show us the way back to Jodhpur where we could get a tuk-tuk for our return home. With the help of the Belda College, Kharapur, Wezt Bengal India we made it back in time to rest before, I am once again awoken by my playschool neighbors.

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