Naming of a pre-born baby changes the life’s of many

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

History made by a boy in the making, not yet born. A mother with child, working as a waitress, in the resort city of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe earning less per day than people make per hour on minimum wage in the USA. The mother to be’s name Brenda, mine Brendan. This commonality of names, and if had I been a girl I would have been a Brenda too, led to my wanting to give her a nice tip for future baby and her. But I was informed by the cashier that all tips were shared by all. So I said, “Fair enough, I will give Brenda a tip for all. Now if I give a tip to the baby who gets the tip?” The cashier stated, “The baby.” I left a modest tip for the baby, equal to two hours minimum wage in the USA and 2 days wages in Zimbabwe. I also left my Facebook contact information with Brenda Dube. And that I thought would be the end of this event.

Then three weeks after meeting and 5 weeks before the baby’s birth I get a message on Facebook from Brenda
09/22/2016 5:32pm
Brenda: Hello Dear (Dear is used in Africa as a term of friendship not relationship)
Brent/Brendan: Hello how are you and the baby?
Brenda: We are good my dear…his kicking so hard.
Brent/Brendan:`Good a strong baby. 😊
Brenda: Yeah..Big boy……im naming him after you…..Because you’re the only man who have given him a present..thank u
Brendan: Thank you, that is so kind of you. I am honored.

On the 31 of October, Brandon, was born, and new history begun for Brenda, Brent/Brendan and Brandon. While the spellings are not exact the intent and spirit are one in the same.

Last year at this time I visited Brenda and for the first time, Brandon, we went to the Crocodile park, where I watched him take his first steps and eat his first ice cream.

Now I am back to visit Brandon in his 22nd month, and he is full of energy, as he meets me at the airport, he plays with gifts given, we go out for dinner and then the next day we go back to the airport where Chippy Kakumbi, South African Airline baggage detective, has my lost bag found and waiting for me, and I meet other people in Brendon’s life.


We spent some time working together as I helped the workmen at The View Lodge, where I am staying, put up some scaffolding, whilst Brandon supervises. And then on an adventure to get a camera to Bush People friends, Tshepo Cathy Abraham and Robert Camm Cann, finding that Post, DHL and Fed-Ex cannot deliver, Brenda finds a way to deliver via Bus. She helps pack the package with camera for Robert, the Bush people’s translator and special presents for the women who work with him and the Bush people of Botswana.


Brandon looking over Brenda’s shoulder as they look at pictures taken by Brendan of them


A Zimbabwean flower


My driver named Ncube Bright, has a Lozi wife. I know some of the Lozi language, so we all went to my driver’s home where I practice my Lozi, and she is shocked to be greeted in her language by a man not of her culture. This was good fun and practice, because in the morning I leave for Mongu, Zambia, with Brandon’s mom, to be with the people of Western Province, Zambia and the Lozi people.

Herewith: Is the time spent with Brandon and friends in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

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