A walk on the wonderous side

Mongu, Zambia

Biggie, Brenda, and Brendan’s big adventure!

All journeys have a secret destination which travelers are unaware.” Nakushowa Biggie Mwenda

Biggie a local high school student who lives in the neighborhood and Brenda who lives in Zimbabwe, experienced an afternoon walk on the Old Harbor sand Road of Mongu.

Here in their words and our photos, their experiencing the hours of afternoon together, with me.

Biggie’s words: This was one of our finest-sunny day in Mongu, Western Province of Zambia, where we visited one of the interesting place called ‘The Harbour’, our experiences had some dramatic moments- The beauty of the world can not be seen or touched but felt by the heart!!

Brenda’s words: People here are so genuine, great smiles on their faces, girls doing their hair, mothers carrying babies on their backs and big baskets on their heads and no one seems to be complaining. Oh yes enough about women-men in Mongu also play some vital roles and do lots of hand work. There is a furniture workshop where Biggie works during his spare time or when the schools are closed like now. They will be crafting beds, sofas, wardrobes and crocodiles hahaha!!! Don’t forget about blacksmiths seated under the shade, no machinery but just a hammer- How amazing.

Brent/Brendan: It was a great pleasure watching Biggie and Brenda discover this part of the world together through the lens of cameras and their own.

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