A baby shares my name part II


Lifetimes affected in a day’s empowered walk. The events of September 1, 2016 will last beyond that day and year. On this, day as I walked along the powerful Victoria fall’s edge of two countries not separated by a wall, but the falling waters of the Zambezi river, where I met ladies from either side, a Zambian and a Zimbabwean adding color beyond those of the rainbows.
Followed by the meeting of names, at the Rainforest Restaurant, where I met a waitress who had the name we shared separated by gender, Brenda and Brendan and was expecting a baby.
In chatting with the two colourful ladies, I found they were studying ‘Peace and Conflict’; managing resolution of conflicts, between peoples. And with one working to empower women to learn economic sustainability.

My walk on the edge ended with a lunchtime meal; where I was waited upon by an expectant mother. When I went to pay for the meal and give her a tip, I found the tip would be shared with her co-workers. I enquired of the cashier, what would happen if I gave a tip to the baby? To which she responded, it would go to the baby. I left the two tips and my travel card for the waitress, her co-workers and the future baby.

As circumstances would have it, this day was not to end. In early October, I was informed by Brenda, that her baby was to be born later in the month and she would give it my name, for having thought of him, when others had not.

11 months later this day continues, as I spend the day with the one’s met and the 9 month old who shares my name. As the women, I met last year, meet this day and help to empower each other. The boys (me and my namesake) share the day on a walk on the falls, lunch as the restaurant where his name was conceived and a boat ride on the Zambezi river that, has helped to unite and perpetuate the meetings of that day and beyond.
While this day ended with a beautiful sunset over the Zambezi, the day that started it all will never end.

An empowering walk, which now leads to Zambia, where I will help with programs to empower women and spend time on my own self-empowerment, to finish stories not yet written.

For my stories go beyond what I can write, with the meeting of Brenda and Brendon, I also was joined by Brenda’s brother on my earlier adventure with the Bush people of Botswana. Along with the shared name comes the sharing of family and experiences.

Brent or Brendan, Brenda and Brendon, What’s the story with this? As Monde has Faith of Brent’ s arrival that all can reflect on the year gone by. The friendships forged and new one’s started, with a rainbow’s fortune.


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