Into the depths of the throat of a Volcano

Akaroa, New Zealand

Into the depths of the throat of a Volcano, our adventure led us. Now cooled by ocean waves, which had worn a small gap in the side of the crater’s wall creating a protected bay beyond Tolkien’s imagination.

With the guidance of our Strider, Dustin we climbed over the volcano’s crater’s edge, seeing the great water filled abyss below..

Upon descending to its deepest visible surface we became level with the sea. We boarded a catamaran for the grand children’s first excursion on the sea, and to the wonderment of their parents, their enjoyment.

Once away from the dock and out at sea we chased, dolphin as they chased us. And espied seals resting on the rocks, as birds flew above.

The cliffs of the crater kept us, like a large caress, safe from the depths of the sea ahead. While we chased the dolphins and they chased us.

Enjoy as the dolphins dance between the picture perfect day enjoyed by us and our shipmates.

As the day ended the Prince and Prince were able to take rest and dream about the days of adventure still ahead. .

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