Siberia bird sanctuary, India

Rajasthan, India

“On the morning of 27th October 2017 we left for the Siberia bird sanctuary from the hotel, leaving the pokaran, we quickly chose the shortcut path to reach the destination, and walking through the Gogal map, our route reached the river of mud, we got to catch the main road. There was a long distance to go and we got some knowledge here, should not use shortcuts in life. Taking photos of Rajasthani raw houses on the way, we reached the sanctuary. Here we took advantage of the open ground with birds and heard the tourists driver of my village. We hear the other and laughing at the other, they ran away and talked to the neighbors. He came here with the guests of France and we were going from here to Keemal Safari in Osian. Field visit on sandy Stan while awake photos arrived Osian after gravitated towards Subhash home drinking tea Here camel safari has been enjoyed and saw how difficult it is to have camel safari in sari for women. On seeing the car filled with the jeep driver and climbing the high heights of sand, we were afraid to stand far away. After seeing all this we went to Jodhpur to reach here, Brent bought the camera to give a gift to the friend in Jaipur. And we reached the hotel, copy the photo for the whole day in the harddisk and after having dinner at night we rested Artesur Artistas de Heres.”

                              Beerma Bishnoi


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