Adventures can be multifaceted and gentle of nature

New Zealand

On this day we received direction from the Great Projective Sphere (GPS) and my daughter and son-in-law pictured the ups and downs of life as it teeters and totters and hems and haws or even sees and saws.

We come across the hidden dragon and venture into a land of semi-exotic animals. Piglets rest serenely beneath the rafters of a barn and the protection it provides to keep them from the heat of the sun.

We continue our relaxed journey of the day through middle-earth’s mountains and lakes.

As I finish the day making a requested favorite breakfast for dinner of cinnamon French toast, rashers/streaky bacon/bacon, with real Canadian Maple Syrup and Orange Juice for the evening meal.

For dessert we are treated with a double rainbow, before the sun took its rest and we followed shortly behind.

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