Thanksgiving in Taiwan? No way! Yes Way!

Tainan, Taiwan

Having arrived durig American Thanksgiving weekend in Taiwan, I had no expectation of celebrating Thanksgiving.

But when my friends came to collect me, they offered to dig up a Thanksgiving meal for me, even building the oven using the kiln baking process to make the meal which consisted of chicken, yams, mushrooms and other Thanksgiving standards. Including being joined by other families, helping each other to make it a Thankful and tasty day.

And even a tribute to my States, football teams, with a child wearing a t-shirt written in green and yellow and stating Oregon Beavers.
Nearby were booths and displays, (with vegetable and flower arrangements, and multi-colored cauliflower). It was a nice way to meet and make new friends, these being members of the Charming Club who have asked me to speak to their Toastmasters International Club on Tuesday about my travels.

The final picture being representative of how many finish their Thanksgiving.

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