Going postal in Taiwan

Tainan, Taiwan

It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Having celebrated a Taiwan Thanksgiving, it was now time to post Christmas gifts to be sent to family and friends, since my trip will not end until the New Year’s morn.

Like my last postage attempt in Fiji with the aid of Mily Meli Vuluma and Nikki Louise, which was an adventure. I again had help, this time a mother son scooter riding team of Rosa and Josh. They picked me up on time at 9 am, for going to the nearest post office, only to find this post office did not have any boxes to put the gifts into. We got back on our scooters and scooted to the next larger post office, where they had boxes but they were too small. So back on our scooters and to the regional post office, where they had boxes and they were just as right as a warm bowl of porridge or Goldie Locks’ bed.

As we, with the help of Postal staff, determined delivery method and price for packages to the USA and Africa, there were young Christmas postal carriers in training, getting fitted in their uniforms, learning about Christmas colored post boxes and all that one needs to know to deliver the gifts and packages of Christmas. (Beth McCann)

With the help of postal staff all was packed and posted. We celebrated with mango ice cream and a hike in the mountains.

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