The process of rebirth after tragedy strikes

Kathmandu, Nepal

Tragedies do not need to be tragic.

On my travels, I have learned that we face many challenges, some that rock you from the foundations of your existence and history. No matter what happens life goes on. Replaced by renewal. In the case of Kathmandu, which suffered a devastating earthquake but just a short time ago, a rebirth had taken place. Which my guide and I reflect upon.

While my good friend Melissa Sparks Murphy, was excited for me to visit this land, that she had visited prior to the tragedy, she was fearful, I would not get the joy of seeing what was once a beautiful balance on life. But, for me it was special, to see how tragedy does not need to be tragic. For with this tragedy, skills which had been going extinct, were now being revived. For machines, cannot do the work of a skilled craftsman, needed to recreate, that which was once.

Building traditions that were being lost, were now coming back, for this society while shaken to the ground, desired not to lose its soul but to recreate it. And to continue to share it with whovever in the world wants to come and respect it.
For me then yes, it would have been nice to see the pristine buildings of centuries of culture as they had stood through time, but instead I was able to appreciate, the efforts of re-creation and re-birth, which is a testament to the resiliency of living cultures.

Herewith then, is a tribute to those of Kathmandu and Nepal who keep their culture alive, no matter what tragedies may occur. With the final frames, being that which celebrates the reconstruction of human beings, literally. If you do not like wood carvings depicting reproductive activities, skep the last of this album. If you want to see that your ancestors were as creative or more so than they let on then take a look.

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