Bathroom humor

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

In most countries the place where you go, to go is aptly named, like toilet, Banos, loo, etc. But in other places euphemisms are used to disguise its real purpose, like Water Closet (WC) or Restroom.

In Brazil, I found a real ‘rest’ room with bed and all, in a Brazilian Barbecue Buffet Restaurant. Apparently, a way to sleep off the over eats.

Across the street, at the place to take a helicopter ride’s ‘Sanitoria’ were two signs. One imploring you not to be abusive to the ‘toalet’ (sic) by throwing things at it. Not sure if this is a abuse, breakage, bullying or self esteem issue? But it worked I refrained from throwing paper at the toilet bowl.

The second sign in the toilet asks you to be playful with the sanitary basket, without providing any playful instructions. Additionally, this playfulness appears to be required before you choose to discharge.

On entry to the toilets you must meet not only male or female criteria, but be a Masculine Man or Feminine Woman. Not sure what persons who are not macho man or Feminine female are to ‘go’, if not there where?

And, next to this toilet is an emergency first aid kit, consisting of a stretcher, not sure if it is meant for helicopter accident victims, or those who are abusive in the toilets.

This posting is dedicated to Felicia Rehm whose husband wrote a book of Bathroom Humor and my driver of the day Carlos Ivan Pereira, or provided on of the sign shots.


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