Beautiful sunsets

Iguaçu, Brazil

Since February I have been to 19 Countries and 5 continents. And no matter where I go I find beautiful sunsets, including here at Iguazu Falls (shared by Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil)

Then it dawned (or set upon) on me that the secret to beautiful sunsets is not the alignment of sun, cloud, horizon; or mountains, water, buildings or landscape.

It is time.


Taking the time out of your day to look away from your challenges you face or car’s dashboard as you drive, or the table as you ear or the TV, but to take the time to look up into the sky and enjoy what it has to offer. Something that will uplift from your day into your night.

If there is a beautiful sunset, and you do not take the time to see it, the beauty is wasted.

If I could turn back time, I would set an alarm to go off 30 minutes before and after sunset and use that time to enjoy a most beautiful and enjoyable free invitation to enjoy a moment in time. I do that now, and that is why you see so many sunsets captured in my camera. Capture some for yourself, it is much better that way.

The most beautiful sunset I have seen has not been in the tropics but in the west of England going to my nieces wedding. The most beautiful sunrise, from a plateau on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation in Eastern Oregon. But like people each sunset is beautiful and unique in its own way. Take some time out each day and see if there is a sunset there that will make your day enjoyable into night. And get your mind on the beauty of the place we live and redirected away from the challenges we face in our lives.

Life’s challenges a bother, a nice sunset priceless.

Enjoy this sunset in Iguazu Falls where Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, the birds, sun, land and water meet. In order of arrival and departure.

As all those who follow me know, we can not have a beautiful sunset, without the work of the Bounty Boys who lift the Sun up each day from the waters of the International Dateline to send the day to us. Show some appreciation for their hard work, enjoy a sunset and send it back to them, so they can send it back to us.

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