Walk with the animals

Iguaçu National Park, Santa Rosa, Brazil


Dave Whitman my wondering friend, I know from time to time, you have butterflies, about life and sometimes find solace with humming birds. So here with are some butterflies and a few hummers to help ease your wonderlust.


Also included is a picture of the Trump Bird, it comes from the Von Trump Family of birds which are vultures and should not be confused with the Von Trapp Family, which flew from tyranny and fascism.

The Von Trump is known for cross specie mating with non-American migratory birds. And relies on the efforts of other illegal migrant birds to build its nests and serve it in any way desired.

It has been put on the endangered species list which means, that the Von Trump Jr. Bird may hunt its own as a trophy, expediting the extinction, of this genus (note: not to be confused with genius, there is no intelligence associated with this bird or its flock of supporters).

From your wandering friend.

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