Hot dog! A rainy day meal

Table for One: Rainy Day MYOP (Make Your Own Pastry)

A rainy day, in isolation, pastry shop not an option.

A Make Your Own Pastry, it is worth a try.

Bread and butter, cinnamon and sugar, on the fry.

Meld melted butter, with cinnamon, sugar and sprit of lemon.

Toast the bread on frying pan, and spread the mixture upon it as you can.

With pastry done, it is time for some fun.

Sour grapefruit, with a sweet smile of, grape, cherry and blueberry fruit.

Yogurt in glass, with blackberry and blueberry adds some class.

Two eggs cuddling sunny side up, to make up for the sun not out.

With a finish of cheddar wedges, Irish. And never too late, for marshmallow infused hot chocolate.

An artist’s palette, on a plated palette, bringing pleasure to one’s palate.

Only one, since I am just the one, to eat one’s own cooking, at my Table for One.

(shot on 10th March, 2021)

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