Clowning around in a world of clowns

shot by Lusia Santos

Theater of Clowns for Party

We have everything to liven up and amuse the guests. juggling is a delight and, increasingly, it becomes the hobby of many people who can no longer handle the routine of a gym. fitness.

It is suitable for all ages. You can create a story based on a cartoon character, they will stay focused on the stories, which should not last more than ten minutes, so as not to bore them. One idea to capture their attention is to complement the story with dialogues between children, in addition to stimulating reasoning, it will guarantee fun.🎊🎉🎭🃏🃏

O Dia Universal do Palhaço é celebrado anualmente em 10 de dezembro. Os palhaços são artistas que têm como único objetivo divertir e despertar um sorriso nas pessoas, sejam crianças ou adultos. Esta data foi criada para homenagear esses profissionais, que ficaram populares através de suas participações em circos.


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