Dawn to Day

Hendaye, France

Transitions of the morning, a hidden setting near full moon, provides the last of the nights silver lining on the clouds above, Hondarribia Spain.

A lone fisherman, prepares on the docks, in the French port town Hendaye for the rise of day and tides and catch of a mixture of Spanish and French sea life, that have no borders.

The Sun, rising over the French shore, is plucked from between ocean rocks, by a Seagull, as the day is started.

The day dawn’s upon us with a mix of lights, bringing night to day. As sea life has no borders, nor to the Sun and Moon, which will arise in France and set in Spain,

At these photo’s end, tired and early awoken Earth Personally photographer, Lusia Santos of Rio de Janeiro Brazil, has experienced her first morning of catching God’s creations in her camera’s eye To see Lusia Santos work Friend her, or go to her Photographic page.




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