In the lime light

Vila do Conde, Portugal

Judy Rivera Harrigan finds herself in the lime light, literally and figutatively, as she starts a new adventure. For she has moved from New York City, to Vila do Conde, to provide Yoga and other experiences to others. On this night, she had many empty seats to fill, for a guest speaker introducing Reiki.

When she asked if i would take some photos of her eventful night, I did not hesitate, for she had created a group on Facebook for our ilk, people moving to Vila do Conde from near and far. And by contacting her group, i was aided in finding a place to live, a car to drive and new neighbours. So it was neighbourly for me to return favor.

Assisting us was Caio Bansen of Brazil sharing photo graphic duties with me.

So her adventure begins, as we each share our roads to adventure.