A One-derful World

One weekend, One World, what a One-derful world we live. On this Easter weekend, a project, I thought was dying, (of helping people met on my travels to share their world), came back to life, with photos from India, Oceania, South America and Africa. Photos of celebration of Life with Easter in most and the wedding of my friend Subhash Bishnoi in India (with my project mentioned in the subscript of his wedding video)

To the Music of Celtic friend Elsa McTaggart singing ‘Wonderful World’

Here then, are the re-birth gifts from my friends:

Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, by Lusia Santos – Obrigado


Sheep in the Winds’ Shadow, Rajasthan India, by Subhash Bisnoi – Namaste


Sunset over the stream Litolomani , Limulunga district Zambia by Mwananyambe Mwananyambe – Luitumezi


Dressed for Easter, Viseisei Sunday School Fiji, Mily Meli Vuluma – Vinaka


Zambian Family Bike, Mongu Zambia Godfrenizia Likezoe


Subhash Bishnoy Haniya Wedding video screen shot, Jodhpur India, Beerma Bishnoi – Namaste


Birds sharing natures beauty of Sun’s reflection upon the clouds, Mongu, Zambia Michael Litebele Jr. – Luitumezi


Followed with a Fijian Church’s beautiful congregation celebrating the beauty or rebirth, Viseisei Sunday School, Fiji by Sainnimili Vuluma – Vinaka

And Finally, the Moon Set over the Royal Village of the King, Mongu Zambia By Michael Litebele Jr. – Luitumezi