The continuing story of a girl with a photographic memory

April 2, 2017 · Phoenix, AZ, United States

The continuing story of a girl with a photographic memory and my attempts to keep promises to her and her older brother.

Part 3: Girl with a Photographic Memory, this is part 3 of my attempt to keep a promise I did not keep to give a camera to a girl and cell phone to a young man, whose family had been very kind to me in an isolated village, on an isolated island off the coast of Madagascar.

PART 3: A Girl’s Photographic Memory
It is not easy to un-keep an un-kept promise. Having promised to Jean Luc and Franceline a brother and sister, who lived on a most isolated Malagasy island; I would give them a used camera and phone.

I set out to have those items repaired upon my arrival in the Seychelles, where I found they would not have time to repair them, since I would be there just a week.

So, off I flew to Sri Lanka, where another camera I had, was sent to me, after repair. The Camera arrived safely, but without battery. Apparently, Lithium Ion batteries are on the no-fly list. Leaving me with a conundrum on top of a conundrum, a double layered conundrum I must say. Because both the phone and camera I wanted to give, had batteries that could not fly. And sending the camera and phone without battery, would be as logical and helpful as sending a rock. With Jean Luc And Franceline, live on a most isolated island of the shores of an isolated island, they would have to go 4 hours just to get to a ‘aaa’ battery and 8 hours to one of the few places in Madagascar that would have Lithium Ion batteries. Therefore, it would be no present at all to send the present without batteries.

The challenge to keep an unkept promise had been dialed up. How could I get the camera and phone promised and with batteries? I was Energized and Eveready, even ionized to find a way.

Next stop was India, where it was confirmed that I could not send the camera or phone with batteries. But I had the camera cleaned none-the-less. I was hoping to get guidance in Tibet, but it took Buddha over 30 years to find the tree of enlightenment and it was only a football fields distance from his place of birth.

In Taiwan, I posted non-batteries items to the USA and Africa. And contemplated my options for keeping the un-kept promise.

From there I found myself in Patagonia. And I found that the items I sent from Taiwan to the USA arrived with no problem, and the one I sent to Zambia, did a magic act it disappeared.

I now had another conundrum to add to the conundrums. I could not send things with Ion-Lithium batteries because they are on the no-fly list, the items I wanted to give were not worthy of being given, and now even if I sent them that which was promised they too would have to be routed through the magical Johannesburg sorting center, which left me out of sorts.
As I thought of Johannesburg, I thought of my regional travel agent Gert Vermeulen, who had not only helped organize all my tours in the region but also the repair of my camera that was sent to me without, no-fly Lithium Ion batteries. (Great travel agent he is, absolutely the best, bigly, he makes touring Africa great again). In thinking of Gert, I then thought of Eric Ranivo, who was the tour guide on my Madagascar trip, arranged by Gert.

I contacted Eric at and asked if he could find, buy and deliver on my promise for me. I gave him a budget for finding a quality camera and phone for Jean Luc and Franceline. He agreed to help me. I had confounded the conundrums by going around them and I was back on track to keeping my un-kept promise.

Upon arriving in the USA, I began exchanging emails with Eric as he provided me my purchase options in Madagascar. As it turned out they had the phone in stock, but not the camera I wanted and it would take 6 weeks, to have it delivered form France. By mid-February, the camera had arrived a Sony DSC HX400v, a sturdy camera, with a 63x zoom, so Franceline could get the beach, palms and huts nearby, but also birds, fishing boats, planes and ships further out to sea and up in the air. She will be able to see further into her world and bring it closer to her. The phone will permit Jean Luc to access the world, and to send me the photos and the stories Fanceline has to share. He is the logo of the and photos of the camera and phone, awaiting there day of destiny, needed to keep my promise made.

There was enough in the budget for Eric to meet Jean Luc and Franceline and their parents to make the exchange. It would be a 4 hour trip for both to meet in the middle. For the Lamour’s a two-hour drive and boat ride and for Eric a 4 hour drive with one of his tour groups.

A date was set for 24 March. I was now very hopeful; my un-kept promise would be kept. Apparently, I was the only one worried about it, Jean Luc had forgotten I made the promise and Franceline, did not think I was serious. Despite this it was my understanding they remembered me and were happily shocked I remembered the promise they had forgotten.
Will the unkept, and unremembered promises of camera and phone, be well received????????????? The story continues…

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