In a War-eZone, Juarez

April 12, 2017 · Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

Close Shave in Juarez (war-ez) Mexico

My face ashen
A sharp blade on my neck
What would happen
I was a wreck
A close shave it was, for I was shaven
As I was trimmed, nothing out of place not even a speck.
It was loco,
When it was over I looked local. (sort of)

I enjoyed the opportunity to be within the culture I visit. In this case it was at a barber shop, that my host Carlos, goes to. Operated by tres amigos y la dama, and tres Carlos, for that is their names. I, to distinguish them, called one Carlos the Barber, another Carlos the Scissors, and the last one who blade on neck, Carlos the Blade. Enjoy the photos, not taken by me but my host Carlos the English Teacher and his cousin and my ‘bodyguard’ Eduardo the police trainee.

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