Warning, attempts at humor, may be painful and result in groans, or not.

November 25, 2016 · Macao, Macau

Having now been in India and Nepal I have some new ‘jokes’

A Bishop is in a women’s dressing room in India. A sales associate picks up the garment on the floor while looking with eyes down at the Bishop clothed only in underwear, hands the garment to him saying, ‘Robe?’ To which he says, ‘No, Sari.’

A Buddhist Monk who meditates au naturale is called a Yogi Bare.

An Indian Buddhist priest who procrastinates is called the Dehli Dali Lama (as in Dilly Daly Lama)

I can see China from here, (No this is not a Sarah Palin joke), from the 17th floor pool of my hotel, in Macau. I can see not only China but Hong Kong too, (which are now all part of China) as I relax and prepare to leave for Taiwan and Korea.

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