Sunny delight on a cloudy day.

November 25, 2016 · Macao, Macau

Seeing the Sunny Side of life is not always easy.

With a flight schedule to be above the clouds just before sunset, I set about to get a window seat on the sunset side of the plane from Macau to Taiwan. It was not too much of a challenge getting a window seat, but then when I looked at the ticket it was on the non-sunnyside, and had to get it switched from seat A to F (something reminding me of my school days).

All was good until I went to board and found they had upgraded me to seat 1C in First Class. First Class good, aisle seat not. I asked if I could forgo the upgrade and go back to the window seat I had booked, this was accommodated and I was good to go for the sunset on a cloudy day.

Getting above the clouds just as the Sun was setting to the plane’s aft, there was some nice color and texture in the sky, giving me a glimpse of light before the day’s end. As the Sun went down, I took a picture of the young lady sitting next to me, who had earlier enjoyed looking at my pictures of lemurs, elephants and zebras.

With the Sunny day gone, I turned my attention to her, finding that I was to have a Sunny night, for her name is Sunny, as she explained cautiously in English, a language she was just learning. She is 7 years old, has a 1 year old brother and 10 year-old sister. I shared my camera with her and her dad, and between Sunny, her father and me, we took pictures of each other.

A non-sunny day ended in a twice Sunny night.

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