Changing of the Guard in Taipei, Taiwan

December 7, 2016 · Taipei, Taiwan

Changing of the guard all at witter.

The world was a-twitter this week about Taiwan, as I am in Taiwan, here is my tweet. Yes, Taiwan has an awkward status, but playing a twit-ter with their fragile existence is not an issue of philosophy, or power, it is an issue of the people of this island and their lives.

Taiwan is a country or not a country of 23.4 Million people, within Sara Palin sight (150 miles) of mainland China whose population of 1.4 billion people 1,400 Million dwarves Taiwan 60 to 1. Which would be like the USA having a country within ‘Arms’ reach of 19 Billion. (No wall could stop that many, especially if it were armed,)

This year I have been to 43 countries, with Taiwan being the most balanced, safest, friendliest, hospitable and even with the gentlest of drivers. They are a quite thoughtful, kind and creative people; It would be a travesty for games to be played with these people, to satisfy other people’s interest, and who would not be at similar risk of their own actions.

While I watched the smooth changing of the guard at the afterlife home of Chiang Kai-shek with soldiers ready to defend their status, I saw too, children who would be the victims of an imbalanced Taiwan. As the guard changes in the USA, I hope that it works to stabilize and not destabilize life here. Despite all the bravado, a military response with one superpower only needing to go 150 miles and the other 7,000, one would not have time to say Shock, before Awe stability in Taiwan was lost. And as we well know shock and awe, while it sounded good and right, did not end up that way.
Taiwan is a great place, I hope the powers that be, make decisions that make it an even better place.

Cursor down my postings of the last two weeks, beautiful people, Christmas Trees, many escaped their oppressors to create hope in Taiwan, just as those who went to America did, baseball, and more, why put them at risk.

Work for their Autonomy so as not to risk Absorption, in a peaceful way.

In the photos, you will see three signs, on the wall of the Men’s room, one states, ‘Mind Over Matter’, the other ‘The way to be happy is to make others so.’ And the third, a red button, which since I do not know Chinese, their culture or there way of acting,

I would prefer to leave the ‘Red’ option alone and not be playing with buttons on the wall or on my phone or with the life’s of people when Mind over matter, is the best way to deal with most if not all matters.

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