As the year winds down I remember not only the people

December 5, 2016 Tainan, Taiwan.

As the year winds down I remember not only the people met, but the one’s re-met Jaime Onslow a travel mate in Cuba, met again in Australia, as well as two other from the Cuba tour. Dennis NgFanny Lao, their daughter Adeline, Kei MokJessiCa Chan , Xiomara BenjaminMagaly MaciaMelissa Sparks MurphyElsa J McTaggartJudy Trudeau, Mathilda Twomey, Michelle Chiang and others to be re-met on my Re-union tour which will start with Carlos Rey de Ciudad Juarez Mexico, in April.

Tainan was a wonderful way to finish a list of 34 countries visited this year.

For me Tainan had the best balance of any place I had visited. The reason for me being here is what made it special. From an English teacher I met in a laundry room in a New Zealand hostel and us becoming Facebook friend;, to her friends taking a liking (literally) to my postings. It seemed right to finish my trip and my burgeoning interest in photography with others who share my interests. With the help of Michelle Chiang, Winnie Yu and Amy Lin, plus numerous newly made friends I was able to trade and share photographic perspectives.

Here are pictures I took on my last day in Tainan, from a flowering tree, to a markets last day before it becomes a highrise, a sunset ,Mars joining the moon this night for stellar play. AND finished with a night hosted by my host Michelle Chiang and her friend Bernard to try to develop night time shooting skills of Christmas lights, museums. fountains, lanterns and the host who likes to pose.

I hope you enjoy an eclectic last day of photography in Tainan.

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