All in a days drive Patagonia

March 19, 2017 · El Calafate, Argentina

2 Guys, Guanaco, Gaucho, and Glaciers galore……What was to be and was an easy drive day provided for new friends, events, birds, berries and blooms too.

2016 December 23
With Christmas, soon upon us we took a summer’s drive into the Patagonia summertime winter conditions wonderland. On the way, there were two young Argentinians on foot, apparently in need of a lift, and unaware of the options for guanaco, burgers, pizza and shakes. (An inside joke).
Like us they were sightseers, allowing to make stops and take pictures on the way to Moreno Glacier where we parted company for the day, but have remained in contact as friends since.

It was just one of the awesome relaxed days of my travels, experience new places and new people Agustin Paz Lobo and Damián Sanabria

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