Breakfast with family in Sri Lanka

March 11, 2017 · Colombo, Sri Lanka.

There’s nothing like home cooking and sharing with family. It was now October, I had not had a home cooked meal since I was with Magaly Macia in Montreal in February at the beginning of the year, and 26 countries visited in-between.

My tour guide extraordinaire Sanath Arunasiri responded to my request for me to spend some time with real Sri Lankans by inviting me home. He did this by opening his family’s home to me, for breakfast on the way to the airport. With his lovely wife, her mother, aunt and their two children, we shared a lovely morning together. I feasted on the tasty food they had prepared to nourish me until I could get to India.

Their house, like most family homes, was a work in progress. Needing more attention to finish, but with enough love to be a home. There were special features like and indoor water fountain, and outdoor dish dryer. A corner for religious icons, and a western style bathroom. Modern conveniences in a traditional setting. As well as many architectural features that added a character to their home.

Sanath was a Textile Manager, who wanted more independence and started his own tour agency. His wife stepped away from her career as a beautician to care for the children. Based on conversations, it appears she is ready to actively add to the beauty of the women of Sri Lanka once again, as their children grow and prepare for life ahead.

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