Labor Day, it is in the 9th month for a reason

September 8, 2015 · USA

Labor Day, it is in the 9th month for a reason, Labor is never easy and it gives birth to all things human. When we start to get a bit rusty, even in the Arizona sun, a weekend off at summer’s end is a good way to relax.

This Labor Day friends and I decided to visit Lake Saguaro and the Salt River Wild Horses. We were hoping to see the new foals from their labor. We did this but we also experienced the labor of others who worked for us in our time of need and labored to assure we had a great weekend.

You will also see some girls checking out a guy, for an October 3 Festival dedicated to reducing labor days for women.

In these photos, you will see the AZDOT (Arizona Department of Transportation) workers who helped save our weekend by being there when we had a tire blowout, and the Pep Boys, (Pep Boys – Manny, Moe & Jack) Johnny and Martin, who got us back on the road again; Intermixed with our photos and activities of the weekend.

Without them we would not have experience Saguaro Lake, the Salt River Wild horses, the stunning greened Arizona landscape and the pink tinged billowy sunset clouds of Arizona’s Labor Day 2015 sunset.

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