Red Hat Ladies

April 7, 2016 · Adelaide, SA, Australia ·

This morning started like any other arising to a sunrise, this one with reddish clouds against a purplish backdrop. Little did I know this would colour of my day. Off from Adelaide to Melbourne, by bus, the train was not running this day. I was told this would be an uneventful day lacking and significant scenery or energy.

As I waited I saw a bird fly by, while a different type of bird walked into the bus station, this ‘bird’ had a red plume and purple feathers, a site to be seen. Then followed another and then another, until six of these birds had appeared, in their red hats and purple dresses, save one that was dressed the opposite with purple hat and red dress., it was her birthday.

As the lady birds boarded the bus in all of their bravado, I enquired as to why the attire. They shared with me that they were a women’s group that had been started in 1998 by two women who decided when they turned 50, not to do so too gracefully, but to have fun doing it. It seems the red hatted bird originated in the USA but 4 of 6 were, native to Adelaide species and of the other two one had migrated from the UK and the other from Germany. With the German one being the Queen Red Hatted Bird.

While most of these women were old enough to qualify for a senior discount they did not want to be discounted as viable fun loving members of society. As the bus drove they sang songs from Christmas songs to the time warp song of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, a time warp where their bodies may be aging but not their energy or fun loving outlook on life; which they sang about in their anthem.

Click on this link to watch video of the Adelaide Red Hat’s Anthem

As four more joined in after boarding the bus for a menless but not meaningless redehatted ladies weekend.

They also had many a joke to make about life, the other sex and other things boys and girls of all ages share in. There was great excitement when they came a cockatoo or three. Their beauty could stop a bus, and the bus stopped for these ladies to enjoy a cockatoo or 3. And another time for them to exercise as they prepared for their weekend in the wild.

Onward we drove until day’s end and once again sky was red with a tinge of purple.

What was to be a not so interesting day, sharing a bus with the rest of us, they had made for a ‘cougar coach’ with vibrant women, with their youthful maturity. They included me in their picture but not the rest of their adventure, if they were looking for men at all, which I think not, they wanted younger more vibrant ones that could keep up with them.

So what was billed to be an uneventful day through average scenery, had me surrounded in a bus by vibrant beauty.

If you are a vibrant woman, here is the link for vibrancy continuation

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