Erin, I don’t think we are in Kinvara anymore.

April 6, 2016 · Adelaide, SA, Australia ·

Erin, I don’t think we are in Kinvara anymore. My adventure to OZ has begun, with the original inhabitants, Kangaroos, Koalas and Seals, Oh MY!

Here are some of the faces of OZ starting off with Erin Davidson, who is a young, but decade long friend, an aborigine, and the faces of Oz that most people associate with Australia. (With some links to videos of the animals in action) Followed with those faces in action. And the animals in their natural habitat. Finishing with ancient faces etched in stone and the final one, that of a face melting in water.

I met Erin Davidson when I was operating a hostel in the village of Kinvara in the west of Ireland and Erin was travelling. She helped me at the hostel for a good while (and Valerie O Hanlon at the village’s dry cleaners) and has been a wonderful person to have in my life. Life went on, our paths have diverged but for a few hours we were able to get caught up with life and I with her new life’s work as a curator at the Samstag Museum I am glad that in my life I never say good-bye, but instead I say, ‘see you later’, because that is how I feel about the good people I interact with. I look forward to seeing them again.

My walk down the yellow brick road of Australia has begun and it is nice to have, re-found a friend to get it started. There is no place like home, when home is the feeling you get when you are with people special to you. Home is where the friends are. Enjoy these pictures of friends new an old.

Click on these links to see the kangaroos and seals in action. Their are no action photos of Koala’s they are not action characters.

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