Remains of the week: This may be the end of the first leg of this trip

February 14, 2017 · Montreal, QC, Canada ·

Remains of the week: This may be the end of the first leg of this trip, but as the Avante Garde dance performance I attended this night, is titled, ‘This is not the end of the world’. Which is ironic since the final Storyography of my last trip to Northern Africa and Western Europe, was titled, ‘The World’s End Close’.

My day started off late, but with a very fine French meal. Magaly ordered a grilled cheese sandwich, which I thought would be rather pedestrian, but being French it was not. Not only did it have a fine French cheese, it also had ham, lettuce, apples and more. The most appetizing cheese sandwich I had ever seen. My sandwich was wonderful too, reminding of the fine sandwiches I used to eat in the village of Kinvara, Ireland at Burren Beo.

From there we went across the street to check out a church bazaar. There was nothing too bazaar, but a flyswatter, with a fly silhouette caught my eye. As we walked towards Magaly’s friends home, we came to a mural of Maurice Ricard, the most famous of French Canadian hockey players. Our walk took us to a potter’s place, where some post awaited me. As always, I am intrigued by creative works and this ceramics shop did not disappoint. Being inspired by such creativity, I fashioned an Angel upon a soft white blanket of park snow. Our walk went through the park and along the river, where we parted until we could meet later.

The night started with a ‘Traveler’s’ meeting with each person placing their name and a place they have been or a place they wanted to go. For mine I wrote ‘2x Tour Monde’, for that is my journey of the moment. It was nice to exchange ideas and information with fellow travelers. I even had my first bison burger there. The night ended with the Avante Garde show by 7 men regarding the world’s not ending. My simple summary, ‘The lightness of Strength’ men weighing from 60kg/132lbs-90kg/200 lifting each other like each was a feather and with such grace.
Our night concluded not with a street fight, but with hockey match among friends.

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