An en-tango-ment on Mardi Gras

February 14, 2017 · Montreal, Canada

2016 9 February Mardi Gras

An en-tango-ment on Mardi Gras: I spent the day getting ready for the next leg of my travels, and upon the dawning of the evening went out into the City of Montreal. We visited some shops, got a quick bite and then went to enjoy the evenings highlight, Tuesday Tango. Only to find out, the tango event was not sanctioned, we were free to join in, and to watch but not reveal where we were. While a mob can flash, apparently a troupe of tangoers cannot tango without a licence. With things a bit squirrely, I present you the architecture of Montreal, Magaly watching what cannot be seen and my Chinese New Year’s cookie of the night imploring me not to reveal the plan.

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