Table for 1: Breakfast Brent

May 14 at 9:41 AM. Portugal

Isolation meals made elegant, simple ingredients arranged creatively.Breakfast Menu Description:3 slices of breaded loaf, smothered in a white cow’s milk, egg and cinnamon sauce, Fried until golden brown crispy exterior with tender soft moist interior.Topped with bovine butter, maple tree syrup, fruit and a dab of Raspberry Compote.With a side of cinnamon infused scrambled eggs. And,A hearty glasses of freshly squeezed Orange Juice and hand stirred chocolate milk from brown cows.Or the simple description: Cinnamon French Toast with Butter and Maple Syrup, Scrambled Eggs, with drops of Raspberry Jam, and Chocolate Milk, with Fruit of the Day and freshly squeezed (from a carton) Orange Juice.

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