Table for 1: Beef Brendan

May 13 at 6:03 AM · Cascais, Portugal

Living isolated, away from others and restaurants. Tom Hanks, had Wilson, I have my Table for 1. In my deserted location, I have my Sanctuary, Performance Hall, Gym, Dry Cleaners and the Great Outdoors, all within steps of each other.
The Bistro is where the action is, where I can take a limited number of ingredients, delivered once a week and try to make something interesting of them. One does not want the same thing every day for weeks and months. And, just because one is isolated does not mean, they cannot get ‘out’ for a restaurant meal in.
For others who are Isolated, but still connected, I will share what I create, to keep my diet healthy and interesting, simply. Maybe it will give you a way to make, your life alone more interesting too.
Today’s Dinner:
(Just as I have given fancy names, to the rooms in my apartment, I will describe my meals in the ambience of a restaurant to give them the bit of panache).
Beef Brendan
A succulent Ribeye steak, fried on a bed of butter and crowned with a dollop of Rochford Cheese.
Surrounded by Asparagus Spears, and mixed Apple Sections and baby potatoes with Sprinkles of Rochefort Cheese
With a dessert of Strawberry Jel, Embracing Tangerines, and topped with a wedge of Tart Green Apple.
Or simply said: Beef, potatoes, Asparagus and Apples with Blue Cheese, and a fruit Jello dessert.

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