23 Hours India, Amsterdam, Slovenia/ From Jaipur, India to Ljubljana, Slovenia

December 12, 2018 India

Kranj, Slovenia

From the shadows of the sun, through water’s reflections, the fog of flight experienced in less than a day from Jaipur, India to Ljubljana, Slovenia via Amsterdam (4,711 miles/7.582KM).

Gifted a rainbow on departure from Amsterdam, and ending my day with an x-raydiating sunset.

The day started with families working to build a new runway at the Jaipur airport. Where the strength of sun warmed travelers and workers. We were but shadows to each other as we all reflected on the flight to come.

Sun sets upon the wing, leaving us in darkness upon arrival in New Delhi.

Spirited hands, eyes and animals to greet; as we passengers waited with worn contemplative expression, for our next flights, boarding again in reflection.

Holiday spirited lights and decorations greeted us in our arrival to Amsterdam; reflections in rain puddled grounds, and a rainbow reflection in the sky to send us on our way.

The Alps traversed; mountains, river and fog did guide, to the final destination of Ljubljana, Slovenia, where the sun left an x-rayed ridge to end my flight, as I retired for the night.

Such is a day in the life of this Storyographer.

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