Voting Indian style

December 7, 2018 India

Jaipur, India

V-Day with Vijay as Voting Day is in progress Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Making this day in India a Victory Day for democracy.

With this being a Provincial Election, the turnout will be close to 70%, if a National election close to 65% in a Population of 1,7 billion. This is quite impressive since in my birth country (with a population 5 times smaller), in its last election it had the its highest voter turnout in 50 years of 50.4%. And what makes this Indian election most impressive, the balloting is inclusive of all and encourages people to vote and be registered. To make sure people of all levels of society vote, the voting day is a holiday, and voting locations cannot be more the 1,500 feet from one another. Whilst in my birth country, some Native Americans AKA Indians were precluded from voting due to not having a street address. In India, for which the prior name for American Natives was derived all those over age 18 can vote whether living in house or street or field or wherever.

To assure voting integrity, voters have a ID card, and their name and photo must match. Once they have voted their finger is painted, so they can not do again, as the President of my birth country claims, change clothing, add hat and fake mustache and vote a second or more time. In India they have Indian Ingenuity to protect integrity, while in my birth country there is no integrity, in those who try to limit democracy.

Here you will see my friend Veejay on a Mission, to Mission High School to cast his vote. As others of all generations, economic classes, religions, even one clad in gold and many old, etc do the same.

With this my birth countries President Makes India Look Great Again, in comparison to his own.

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