Thanksgiving in Paradise

November 23, 2018 · Victoria, Seychelle


While for me here in the Seychelles, it is one of my country’s days to give thanks for the bounty they have. Here in the Seychelles it was just another day in paradise, where the people I met unsuspectingly helped me to celebrate my tradition in a very special way.

My schedule for the day was quite simple, get the Moonset and sunrise at the breaking of dawn, go on a boating excursion and return in time to get the get photos of the Moonrise and Sunset. Little did I know, how much thanks there was to be given.

With the setting of the Moon I had the assistance of local Astronomer Jacques Isnard, who not only helped me to locate various stars, but the International Space Station of which I was able to video and photo, something I could not have been aware of without him, and for which I am thankful.

From there, I went off on a water cruise, with a van driver Ralph Henry and passengers from Nigeria, India and Portugal, who were kind enough to find humor in my humor, and for which I was thankful.

It was fitting to have people from India, since Thanksgiving is all their fault. For it was they that Columbus had, sought but failed to find, and instead named two continents of people, for a people they did not know.

I was very thankful for my shipmates, the Indian couple married the traditional family way, on their first anniversary and very comfortable with each other. The Nigerian couple married 10 years and with a new camera, which I assisted with. And a Portuguese veterinarian, who lives near my base there.

For the day we did the typical tourist trip, a bit of time here, a bit of there, hiking, swimming and eating. My Thanksgiving feast being Tuna Steaks.

Throughout the day were other groups of tourists on the same path as we. One group of very festively dressed young ladies. But these ladies, had some thing very special about them, they were quite unique. They were representatives of various African countries, participating in a pageant. But this was not an ordinary pageant and they were not ordinary, for at birth they were not given voice, or hearing, but they were born with the ability to adapt to their circumstances, and be thankful too.

With the day nearing the end, I went to catch the rising moon, and a ‘Thanksgiving’ dinner of pizza. During that dinner, I got a call from a nurse Janelle Cookson in the USA she had just learned how to use internet phone and called me, to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving, We had not seen each other for 48 years, but had created a friendship group in secondary school to make sure, no one felt left out. I see that she not lost her commitment to others. I am thankful for that.

With the day ending and I going to the hotel lobby, I see Ms. Zimbabwe, of the aforementioned group of determined ladies. I motioned to her banner, and let her know, I knew of her country. She let me take some pictures, and then I wrote a note with my contact details. Along with that I had been to her country and that a boy had been named for me there. This brought great excitement to her and a tear, in her eyes and mine. Not a word shared, but she seemed to have felt validated, to have someone know of her country and engaged with the people there.

Happy Thanksgiving, for all who give have something to be thankful for.

Special thanks to Ralph Henry, Pedro and shipmate at Crystal Star Glass Bottom Boat Seychelles.

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