Love’s Jungle (anatomy of a jungle)

La Réunion, Seychelles

A story of the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees. Ooops those don’t look like flowers and trees, they look like female and male parts, how can that be? Well they are both plant and gender, resembling the gender of humans. The Nut the female part, the other with little pollen flowers upon it the male plant part.

And while in the story parents teach their children about the birds and the bees, while yes they are present in the jungle, to insure procreation, Gecko’s and the Grand lizard transfer the pollen from the male to the female part of the tree.

Not only do the plants procreate in this environment, it is quite romantic, with heart shape frawns, strategic lighting, creating a nature-al atmosphere.

A punographic report.

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