The Eyes Have It. The smiles show it.

Bel Ombre, Seychelles

This girl, has the eyes and smiles that draw the eyes of others to her. May her life allow her eyes and smiles to experience the same beauty for her, as others see in her. And may she be seen for not the beauty to which she was born, but for the beauty her soul creates from within, as she shares her life with others.

There is a much about the human form, and how it moves that catches the eye. Some will comment on body parts, other shape, movement or how itis adorned, or not.

For me the eye and the smiles are what catches my attention, for they are the one’s that will last the test of time. Bodies parts and shapes, movements and adornments change with time age and economics. The eyes and smiles remain, old photo or new photo, young or old, clothed or not clothed, one can continue to be identified, by their eyes and smiles.

I looked into my Mother’s eyes, as she was near her last breaths. My last words to her, “Mom, you look beautiful.” Her eyes had set in, her face was gaunt, her smile had outlived her teeth. Mom, responded, with the tone of a young child, “ No, I am not!” with that same smile she had shared for a lifetime. No more words were spoken. One does not have a chance to make a second first impression. But for me the last impression, is the lasting one. That moment will last with me, until my last. And with this I now do my best to make a good last lasting impression for people I meet on my path to life’s terminus.

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