My creations from the creature of the deep

Bel Ombre, Seychelles

Oh what sight did these young men see, coming up from a rock in the sea. A white figure, with not 2 eyes but 4, The normal two with a third blackened eye in the middle of the forehead, and the fourth, a green one moving in hand. Undaunted by this strange site, they did not flee, but approached what was approaching them.

Soon one of the young ones, found the creatures green eye, in his hand, And with his own two eyes he began to shoot, taking notice of those he was with, and creature no longer from beyond.

Little did these three young men suspect their trip to the cooling waters which surround their lands, would provide them an adventure not sought but found.

As for I, the creature I am grateful that they resorted to inquiry and not fear upon my arrival behind them. And took the time to help me, search for more prey, creatures from beneath the sea.

If any one is the Seychelles know these young men and can share this post with them, I would appreciate it. Its not everyday that a creature from beneath, is treated with such dignity.

Herewith are my creations from the creature of the deep, and the first creations generated by the inquisitively natured young man.




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