The Eve, the Moon and Sun in the Seychelles


For me if I am up before sunset, I am not up too late. On this eve. recovering from jetlag I barely woke in time for dusk. Being in a resort island/country, which normally are pictured in the day, I was left to resort to share a resort as the darkness came and over took the sky. On eve’s edge I found things crabby, jumpy and a bit batty, and by the time I got done picturing the eve, the Moon and Sun had set, leaving the stars to add light to my night.

Herewith, is the Seychelles, at night with a beauty that rivals its day. From the last of the beach goers, to staff working in a restaurant, and the clouds struggling to postpone the moon’s set only to lose grip, leaving the stars studding the sky.

I must alight bright and early for a hike, and then hopes of meeting some of the Facebook Friendly wildlife, Patsy Moustache, Fabianna DykeZila Bonne Brigitte Lepoix Nella Lucas Christine Frichot Gerard Port-Louis.

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